Benefits Technology

Welcome to THE KIPP POCKETPAL.  Our smartphone benefits and communication app.  Find out more!

Calm Your Sugar Cravings

Being hungry and craving sweets are two of the main reasons people fall off their diets. Sugar Cravings

Special Beginnings

The Special Beginnings maternity program can help you better understand and manage your pregnancy. Find out more here!

Employee Assistance Program

Whether you are troubled about your relationship, experiencing stress, or even feeling isolated and alone, there are many good reasons to talk to someone. Click here to find out more!


When is the last time you actually stopped and smelled the roses?  Managing stress and taking time for ourselves is important. Read More!

Secure your Future!

Would you turn down $1200 from KIPP? We didn't think so.  With KIPP Invest, KIPP will match up to $1200 in your retirement plan. Learn how, here!

The information included in this portal is a high-level summary of common benefits. For more details about your plans, please refer to your Plan Document, Summary Plan Description or Certificate of Insurance Coverage. The information in those formal plan documents governs.

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